Bezier Editor
  • Usage
    > BezierEditor
    Can create curves but can't save them !!!
    > BezierEditor -i file
    Rread from file and save in file
    > BezierEditor -i file1 -o file2                                     
    Read from file1 and save in file2
    > BezierEditor -h
    Display a short help

  • File Section
    'Q'/'ESC' : quit                                                     
    'S'       : save                                                     
    'R'       : reset all                                                
    'L'       : reload the input file                                    
    'H'       : print this help                                          

  • Edit
    • To select more than one object, press CTRL key and then every object one by one or by creating a box
    • Adding of a new point: select mode curve, select the curve on which you want to add a new point, then press SHIFT key, then click with the left button wherever you want and move the mouse. Release the left-button.
    • add a new curve by pressing 'A' key
    • In curve mode ( 'C' key), you can select curves, move them, delete them and add new points. In the point mode ('P' point), you can select points, move them, delete them.
    • 'D' : constraints or no constraints mode
    • DEL/SUPPR : remove the selection

  • Zoom
    'Z'       : zoom box                                                 
    PAGE UP   : zoom in                                                  
    PAGE DOWN : zoom out                                                 
    HOME      : autoscale                                                

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